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The History of "Who Did That!?!"

Who Did That, Inc. was established in 1999 by Owner/President Jeremy Conner. At the time, Conner was a seven-year veteran of the vinyl industry. He mainly traveled and installed fleet graphics, gas canopies and anything else the vinyl of the day would cover!

Conner installed his first wrap for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, GA, for Busch Gardens' promotional roller coaster, “Wild Izzy.” After a taste of the custom possibilities vinyl offered, he set out to establish a company which allowed more chances to be creative in a fun atmosphere for installers, while expanding the public view of what could be accomplished with vinyl. Several years and many custom projects later, “WHO DID THAT!?!” was born!

The name comes from the first words to come out of customers' mouths after seeing what can be done with vinyl. Ten years later, “WHO DID THAT!?!” is a nationwide installation company merely by word-of-mouth advertising and a need for installers who have seen it all; from the launch of the industry to the custom wraps of today. “WHO DID THAT!?!”, Inc can cover virtually ANY surface in any environment.

To this day, all installers at “WHO DID THAT!?!” strive to be among the best in the industry and really enjoy the work and the lifestyle that being a decal and wraps installer provides.

Let us make you say... “WOW, WHO DID THAT!?!”